Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Exam Bug

My university is lazier than the students. Understatement. Actually, it's more of a case of giving the students a bad name and hanging them as to tell you the truth; I'd say the students are more interested in when the exams are and when the syllabus comes out than our beloved university is. A typical example is the exam date is announced a week or 15 days prior to the exam and the syllabus dons the notice board a day of two before the exam commences.

And they say students don't study.

Now when your syllabus sheet runs into a miniature booklet and you can't help guessing what from all of that pile of notes is relevant for the current exam how can you devote your full attentions to what they expect you to study? No seriously, for each professor would like you to devote PhD thesis amount of time and dedication to their subject paper.

 And then once the exam is over and you feel you can breathe a sigh of relief think again! The next moment you may just start worrying about what marks they'll give you as believe me, it's more luck than merit that gets you through. At least if you have done a detailed analysis on how the marking pattern varies in each paper. There isn't any equilibrium.

Thus, it isn't a bad idea to try bribing the gods even f you have studied. I still maintain I'd never have got 80% in Geography if it hadn't been for luck. Why? Well, because I don't yet even know the map of India for starters. 

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