Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Worm Eaten - A Sadly Common Story

In Psychology there is a technique of introspection of the subject. An object is given and the subject must write a story on it. The lady concerned here wrote on an apple. As she wrote the story of the imaginary apple she was not on a complete flight of fancy. She without knowing it, wrote a story about her life. The life that had lead her to her madness. A life which wasn't as cruel as the lives of many other women before and after her. Yet this was enough to unhinge her for it too was beyond bearable.

One line hurt me the most though she was but a stranger to me. "I have been slowly eaten by a worm", she wrote, " it gradually ate away my whole physical being till all that was left was nothingness..."

It doesn't matter what the sex of the individual who is voicing this cry is. What matters is the terrible plea from the soul which is sexless. What right do we have to torture anyone so?

I cannot merely leave it at a generalisation that it is merely a woman's lot to feel so. But one mustn't ignore the fact that we find more women than men succumbing to mental illness. Not because of weakness. Nay, if half of them had been weak then the world would be populated with lunatics. 

How much can a human soul endure. And dear reader, how much more can a human soul inflict on another in pain and suffering?

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