Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Look Who's Talking - The Art of Hypocrisy

"You shouldn't do this..." "You shouldn't do that..."

Very common expressions indeed. Mostly heard from the mouths of our much beloved religious leaders. Aren't they caught to be Satan incarnates behind the scenes?

Most of the Baba's that we tend to moon about later are found to be more on the pinnacles of wrong than on the mountain of truth as we so fervently believe.

They indeed turn out to be better than most crooks at hoodwinking our trusting population. It does make us look as dumb sheep when we later find out all the tricks they have been up to and all the money they have made out of fooling their followers.

This keeps occurring time and again while we continue to get carried away by the next two-faced candidate.

Some believe even the most far fetched of their claims from resurrection, reincarnation and god-knows-what-else. It seems remarkable that more than two times bitten we still remain in no way shy.

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