Sunday, 5 February 2012

Ode to Dejection - in prose

Even the most optimistic person in the world has moments when the black clouds seem sans the silver lining. After all, after you put in your hard work and have to sit back and trust in fate and others mercy, the wait is not easy. Nor is the suspense. Is because at that point of time you are not in control of the situation? You can gauge the time and effort you put into a task, you may even guess the reaction but the final outcome is something beyond us.

At such a time you might want to think positive. After all, don't people say that positive vibes attract more positivity? There's a problem with that though. In conflict to this principle, we have others believing that one should never think out aloud a good thing. So, where do you stand?

Perhaps this is why the trust in God idea sprang up. Not that there is anything wrong with it. It is a comforting notion if you are to look at it from a detached point of view with all due respect to the faith attributed. Since, one can't exactly pen down one's destiny worrying your head off regarding what is to come expends more energy than failure ever can.

So, may be till we can find some other solution to this we'll simply have to follow the motto of - do your best and leave the rest.  

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