Monday, 5 December 2011

What's in a Name? - - - Then why wasn't Shakespeare anonymous?

I almost thought I'd opened my Dad's e mail account by accident. An email from a publisher read 'Dear Sir'. I had to look twice at the page to believe that it was me they addressed this way. I had even taken the precaution of writing 'Miss Joy De Costa' in my letter. It was amusing. When would people learn that Joy is a girl's name fundamentally?

It could have been worse though. Like what happened to Rajendra(Raju for short). His name is short and sweet. Rather too sweet it seems for we have, Raju Panwalla, Raju Cyclewalla, Raju Mechanics, Raju Samosawalla... the list goes on. Recently his name acquired even further recognition. There was a dog named after him!

Ah, the humble name and the humour it can provoke! Like my dear friend Sheeja Philip. The announcer obviously must have been confused and thus, called out for 'Mr Philip'; when Sheeja valiantly stood up the announcer unable to comprehend that this was the one called for repeated 'Is Mr Philip in the house?'    

Perhaps the rose by any other name would smell as sweet... still, names do matter. Don't they?

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