Thursday, 1 December 2011

Clothes Matter - Traditional vs Indian

I attended a wedding recently. For those who care to know, I had a spaghetti top with a jacket and jeans. "Oh so daring!" an old friend exclaimed seeing me. I couldn't help doing a quick inventory on what she was wearing. I felt rather cocooned next to her backless number. Seriously, who says traditional wear is more covered up than Indian?

Take the saree for instance. Midriff baring leaving the contours of your stomach (or the lack of a decent waist) open to all eyes. Or the backless blouses leaving little to imagination. Besides this, we do have sleeveless blouses or halter necked ones. Plus, now that pallu will not cover the inadequately small blouse; it either keeps slouching off or you'll find the transparent or rather translucent kind being sported.

After such skin shows which I have been dosed with in garba grounds I'd say a skirt with leggings or a sleeveless vest is no eye drawer for is seems puritan compared to what our desi divas care to sport! 


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