Monday, 5 December 2011

On My Arch Enemy Sinusitis

I'm very attentive to my nose. It have to be. If I'm negligent I land up in bed with a handkerchief attached to the end. It's rather unfair for I have a button nose. It is an enigma that such a lot of matter can accumulate in it. 

Being a restless person I can't bear staying ill. Actually no one can. It's fine if you are ill and have people to wait on you hand to foot. For those of us who have to rustle up every meal it is trying. Thus, every time I sneeze I'm worried. Does this sneeze portend a sinus attack? Horrid thought! For worse than all the medicines is the task of washing those soiled handkerchiefs.

The worst of it is that the doctors can't fathom why I get this. Perhaps its an allergy one said. Another muttered about seasonal change. Whilst the other one gave me a list of tablets to consume each day. That did it. I would rather use my nose as a sinusitis vane than swallow tablets every day!

One day I hope to overcome this irritating enemy. Till then I'll monitor my nose as accurately as the earthquake gauges monitor the ground waves. Do forgive the lack of geographical detail, it is an enigma to me on how I passed geography.    

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