Friday, 2 December 2011

A Study on Worry
Making a mountain out of a mole hill aptly sums this up. Being a worry-a-holic I can't imply that all of us who do the same are lacking in common sense. 

Being a student and since most of us have been students and have awaited answer sheets I'm sure most of you are aware of the butterflies in the stomach feeling. Sadly, this is one thing that doesn't seem to decline with age. Infact, it increases.

Even my professors (well some of them) own up to a case of nerves. This is far from reassuring. I wouldn't want to think that next time when I'm say fifty and perhaps going on stage I'll trip over the mike wire or something equally mortifying to me but entertaining for the crowd.

One short stop cure when the worry blues is on is to distract yourself at once. Don't let the depression sink it. Busy yourself with something else. However, if you are someone capable of using meditation to your advantage even in such times then that's one good time to try it.

Thus, whenever you feel the need to see the end of the world in a fallen apple (like the timid rabbit) just remember the saying "this too shall pass". Only don't recall it in happy moments!

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