Thursday, 22 December 2011

Vampires - the new gods?

Vampires have become our new idols. They are supposed to be strong, intelligent, beautiful, immortal - - - what more can you ask for? They are gods and superheroes all rolled into one. The greatest fantasy obsession of our century. No more are the gothic elements to be feared of, they are the age-less denizens of the Utopian species.

Why are we so focused on them? Is it because they are a dream come true? Judging by the anti-aging advertisements, it would be a welcome change to stay frozen in time. No surgery, no botox. We have embraced this shift in idealogy. the internet abounds in sites offering books on how-to-turn-yourself-into-a-vampire; to cults and even information on how to deal with the vampiric changes in your system. You'll find people actually trying to drink blood or asking for a vampire to bite them.

Does that mean that being human isn't the top of the scale? We may be above animals but then the vampire is above us? Or is the grass greener or the other side?

Forget religion, forget even humainty, the question is - How far would you go to become immortal?    

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