Monday, 12 December 2011

The 'Root' of the matter - How adaptation counts

Psychologically speaking, adaptation is a crucial factor. Not just for a species to survive but also so that it can 'live' in its environment. If any of us weren't god adapters we'd have a harder time dealing with situations ranging from changing schools or jobs to things like facing life's challenges.

Take the money plant for instance. I mean the plant really. If you've noticed, when that plant is planted in soil, its roots are thicker so that it can easily absorb the nutrients etc etc. But when we leave it in a bottle of water for instance, within a week you'll notice a change in the roots. The roots will become thin like hair and be translucent white instead of the thick solid white it had been in the soil. Aside from this, if the money plant is in the soil and let's say there is a wall near it. As it grows the roots also grow along the stem and the roots at times will attach themselves to this wall.

There's adaptation for you.

Make you wonder doesn't it, that if a plant can handle change so well, why can't we be as resilient? 

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