Thursday, 29 December 2011

The New Year Resolution Virus

There is a new virus in town specific to only this time of the year. I call it the resolutions virus. Just as New Year looms up we find the word 'resolutions' on many people's lists. There are a few fairly common ones; like losing weight, eating right, waking up early, quitting smoking and the like.

How long these resolutions are kept (if they are) is amusing as well. Though some people do have the determination to carry forwards their's for years at a stretch. One does wonder however what is so interesting about the end of the year that causes such a resolution frenzy.

Like a friend of mine who recently decided to forgo having pizza. She had a pizza fest everyday as she's decided not to have any in 2012. Whatever the resolution however, one must to make a resolution to follow it a bit, if not religiously.

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