Thursday, 22 December 2011

What is it like to be alone?

Loneliness has had many songs penned down on it. Paradoxically, in most Tarot decks, there is a card called 'The Hermit'. That card calls for solitude. It counsels that solitude (self-imposed, for short durations) is required. One cannot hear the inner voice of the soul if one is forever caught up in the bustle of friends and family.

Is it easy to be alone? We've all got so used to this inter-connectivity. Dial a number and you can speak to anyone anywhere(provided you have the balance) or text a friend or simply chat for free using the internet. If that won't do, pick up a book, watch tv.... it's an endless list. Can one sit with just one's own thoughts? 

The mind is both paradise and hell. To introspect is to threaten a deluge. If you are unhappy your mind can be the worst enemy. But still, isn't it necessary to listen to yourself? How else will we know what is going on in our heads? Mostly we are so interested in fathoming what others think that we become strangers to ourselves.

Taking time out to think isn't a waste of time or selfish or crazy. Just five minutes is enough. Just like you need to spend time with your loved one to know them or spend time with friends to remain friends - it's important to spend time with yourself. Otherwise, you'll never know the beauty or soridity within.

The oracle said to Alexander the Great - Know yourself!

Her words still hold true.

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