Monday, 31 October 2011

A Sweet A Day Keeps the Doctor in Pay

Almost everyone I know has a sweet tooth in variation of degree. Mine is a sort of sweet detector. See a sweet eat a sweet sort of thing. However, I'm now cured of that.

No it wasn't a diet or piling on kilos that did it. I just happened to see how good the hygiene standards in our beautiful city are.

As I sat outside a shevosad stall there before me I saw sweets being made on the road. And the worst thing? They looked absolutely yum and would look so innocent if gracing the display case of a big sweet shop. BUT, there were flies everywhere.

Yupe. Flies on the mava khadai too. The man just lifts it off the ground(never noticing the flies) and starts cooking it. So, ahem, roasted flies anyone?

Once that's done,another accomplice in cold blood starts smoothing the matter(without washing his hands) and the flies happily jumped around. Then he cut the sweets in diamonds or rolled them up. The flies didn't have to pay a thing for all the free tasting they were doing on the finished product.

I later found out they had received a large order from somewhere and here they sat, at the edge of a road making sweets. After all, they were not going to consume them.

So, here's the irony: you pay for buying the sweets and then you pay the doctor as well. Perhaps the saddest part of this whole thing is every one's perfect indifference to such a state of things. A peda anyone?

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