Monday, 31 October 2011

Let's Be Uncool

Ever wondered who really decided what's cool or uncool? Perhaps. 

Suppose someone were to tell you to forsake your individuality and become like a sheep that just follows its comrades without thinking - - - I'm guessing you won't subscribe to it.

Then why should our evolved and psychologically, cognitively etc etc etc superior species be so into peer pressure or just conforming? Maybe it's easier to go with the flow than dam it?

When bell bottoms were cool, people used to go around with unaccountably long yards of material flapping at their ankles. When anemically thin was cool most of us starved. Then 'Dabaang' and the like brought out this ridiculous fad of placing your sunglasses behind your shirt collar. One question. Is this really cool?

So, next time you pull your jeans real low, or where heels that are uncomfortably steep - do look into the mirror. You might be the clone of every other cool conscious person out there.  

The next new fashion statement? Being uncool. Though being individualistic would suit much better.

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