Monday, 31 October 2011

The Green Eyed Monster

They say we have only one constant companion from cradle to grave and that is ourselves. However, dampening as it may seem, we do have another one too. Guess who? Well, good old Shakespeare called it the 'green eyed monster' and Onida captured it as a mascot. To sum it up in a word - Envy.

Let's not be too hasty however in giving a dog a bad name. Envy ain't always as bed as we think, if used construtively. Perhaps if it leads on to improve oneself then we could be seeing the silver lining in that cloud. Still, the things people do out of envy is as childish as it is nauseating.

Normally the TV adverts give us a nice bird's eye view of what people can do to arouse envy. Thus, we have the paint ads where you paint your house to impress your neighbours, then the TV and fridge ads were the neighbours envy your new gadget... it just goes on and on.

Well, though Onida isn't advertising as much as it used to it seems their tag line is here to stay:

"Neighbour's envy, owner's pride..."

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