Saturday, 29 October 2011

Goodbye to Plastic bags?

It's amusing really how whenever an individual speaks about the importance to save our planet we have fervent denouncement of the humble plastic bag (don't get me wrong, I'm all for the cute paper ones). Still, here we are in 2011 and those bags are out there.

Whats more, now you have to pay to use them. No pun intended; superstores like Big Bazaar (7 Seas Mall) ask you to shell out anywhere between 3 to 5 rupees per bag. Just imagine being loaded down with groceries (you can't take a carry bag in with you) at the cash counter and wondering how you are to haul all those things out. There you have it, profit for them while they can righteously say that 'yes, we are deterring customers from opting for plastic bags'.

Perhaps the whole thing shouldn't be so much about completely stamping out the so called menace than moderation in use. But more important than all this is that people themselves learn to recycle or re-use those bags and not toss them around to litter the streets.

Plastic is here to stay but it's up to each of us to balance the situation. Till then, we'll find stray bags littering Baroda's streets and serving cows as their afternoon meals.

Check this out for further information.

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