Monday, 31 October 2011

Much Ado About Predictions

My Dad smiling handed me the newspaper this Sunday after gravely announcing that his weeks forecast was predicted to be gloomy. I cringed inwardly wondering what condolences I would have to fake when he surprised me. He happily stated that whenever the stars shed their worst light on his sun-sign things improved for the better!

It brought Paul the FIFA oracle octopus to mind. An incident which always makes me want to laugh when I remember how fans were ready to eat the octopus for selecting their rivals. Perhaps my taste buds differ but I don't find it too palatable to put it mildly.

 Fortune tellers still, find a large audience and being all a matter of belief it's something that can't be put into a neat compartment. Excessive hype however, is quite another thing. A friend once told me how he drank a whole bottle of whiskey just because a fortune teller told him he was too die early! Now, that's the brand of fortune telling that really raises one shackles.

We have sun-sign cups and pendents and key chains... but that is depressing. Who wants to believe that their destiny is written in the stars and unchangeable? When Nature herself is dynamic and ever moving then how can we be so confined when our minds and souls have no limits? Perhaps we too like Jonathan Seagull need to be the makers of our own destinies.

May the stars shine; be they good or bad
But life will go on and still, there is much to be had...

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