Sunday, 30 October 2011

Brand-less Image

Despite our million or billion years of evolution and also the tag we like putting - of being the most superior species of the planet- we can also be the most trivial.

Or is it the mark of the higher species to want to spend a fortune over a pair of shoes or a television you don't like (and let's face it - could be much, much, much cheaper) just because of the brand image.

The most ordinary stuff can be passed off as classy if you add the suitable brand label  to it as you can see which much f the so-called fashion accessories on the online shopping sites. A beaded bracelet or a pair of sunglasses that you'd pick up for less than a hundred from a roadside vendor shoots to upto a hard thousand.

At the end of the day, how many people are going to look at the label on your clothes or hidden in your shoes or on the rim of your glasses? And if they do, does it matter?

Aren't we too becoming like the monkey who sees many humans wearing glasses and thus, decides it's important he does so too? Perhaps, mankind really evolved from the apes.       

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