Monday, 31 October 2011

On Guys On Facebook Among Another Things

Guys will be guys. Understatement.Plus, it no way excuses their extremely predictable behavior.

One of the best places to be a girl is on Facebook as it guarantees a laugh a day. Why?


"Will you frandship with me?"
"Will you joint my facebook account?"
"Dear, hello... I like pic your"
"Wow, what a good display pic! Let's be friends."

That is just a fair few. Their loads more even funnier even if you do excuse the English.

With no offence to the meagre minority of the male population that doesn't indulge in this behavior, you have to admit that it's all worth a good case study.

It's also really pitiful as it seems the same old lines are played over and over and over again. No innovation. Personally, quite a majority of the female population would be much less aggravated if the line "will you friendship with me" never appears again. Come on, does it really make any sense?

It's the same thing on chat sites. A friend of mine told me one day that she always knew the guy she was chatting with was an Indian if he quoted the 'friendship line' of above or kept calling her 'dear'.

Yes, clearly the uneven sex ratio distribution is showing its psychological as well as social effects.

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