Thursday, 19 January 2012

On going to the Library - The untold horror

It is not advisable to go to the library with a friend if you intend to study. If you are the studious one you will be interrupted non-stop from the perusal of those blessed books; on the other hand if you are the talker you will eventually succumb to boredom.

If it's winter, the atmosphere will be as chilly within as the teachers seem when handing you the answer sheet that turned their wig blue. Or if you are to go downstairs in search of that book you want to issue, it is like gradually losing all sense of warmth. My the time you are scouting the racks you might be shivering with cold.

Compounding this, you might find your neighbour to be the kind of person who studies people's faces more than the books opened before her, or even worse; realise you've brought the wrong set of notes along. Thus, since everything in life is a risk, so is going to this sanctum of learning.

As if walking three flights of stairs is not deterring enough, you have a pack of stray dogs to greet you once you are departing as you reach the ground floor. These dogs are more at home in the library than even the students. Why? Because they can sleep in peace without needing a book for a pillow...  

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