Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Diet Plan

A friend of mine has recently been bitten by the diet bug. It is amusing really to watch her weigh each calorie. After starving on pulses in the night she gorges delicacies or rather junk food in the canteen in the morning. At least that's as per her diet plan. I can't understand the food maths. I'd much rather exercise myself though I must admit that probably ages ago I'd once tried a diet. It was a terrible experience.

I was forced to live on fruits! Day two was only tomatoes for supper and that was nauseating to the quick. After that, I decided that running round like a mad march hare is much more preferable. And to tell you the truth, when you think so very much of what you are eating you feel more hungry. I've never really kept a religious fast but I've kept fasts when I'm angry. Believe me, when you know you can't eat or refuse to eat, that's when you are more likely to miss eating.

One of the best ways to resist the urge to become a glutton is to read what Chaucer's Pardoner says in the Pardoner's tale about the subject. It's long enough to put you off any meal for a reasonable length of time.


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