Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Arts Canteen - The Maharaja Sayajirao University Zoo of Weirdness

Chaos is what defines it best. On one hand you have the couple sitting near the window striking a pose more appropriate to watching TV in their living room. On the other hand you have a guy wearing jeans so low you can see what brand he's sporting beneath, with spiked up porcupine hair, sunglasses, a scarf and god knows what else. And then you have the shouts for orders thrown over the general confusion.


I do not wonder now why people here have such a low estimation of the arts field. I speak not as a superior being above all this. I speak merely as a casual observer.

Leaving aside the general confusion present and the sorry and gloomy atmosphere of the place, we have the groups of idiot guys. Some lounge of tables staring at girls as if they've never seen them. Yes, the sex ratio in Gujarat is skewed so perhaps this is a natural result.

Perhaps what we should be teaching in schools with all that language, science and maths, is some amount of poise and common sense. For how is anyone to respect us if we behave ourselves like buffoons?

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