Monday, 16 January 2012

The Politics of Marriage in the Conservative Indian Society - An Eye Opener

This is the twenty first century. India is shooting up on mostly all fields. Society is changing... unfortunately, what has failed to keep pace is 'relationships' and their structures.

Recently, a friend of mine had a court marriage. The boy was from U.P. His parents disowned him. And the girls parents? They took her in with their son-in-law. Interesting scenario. In most cases you find the lady's parents a tad more forgiving than the groom's. Why?

I was speaking to a friend who has rather conservative parents from the Marathi culture. She has a cousin who had three sisters. All of them were married off just some seven years ago right after they finished their schooling. No college. No job. Stay at home and be happy. It turns out, that the daughter of one of them bunks school. When she was asked why she said: 

I will have to make rotis like mummy afterwards so why study?

This from a seven year old child... Childhood conditioning into gender roles?

Furthermore, recently a guy I know who wanted to marry his girlfriend who was from another caste was told by his brother-in-law not to do so because she was educated. What did he mean? It was rather simple and showed his own lack of reasoning. The married women in his office had affairs with his colleagues so he felt that this woman being of another community and educated as well would do the same!

Talk about being childish.

On interviewing some other people I find that though some parents would not come in the way of their kids happiness they are many more of diverse religions and social backgrounds who will worry about 'what their society will say'.

How long will it take for things to change?

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