Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Charity Starts From Home? - - - well, not when class notes are involved

"Could you please give me your notes?" 

I begin to mentally pray. A positive answer would be as miraculous as finding out that men were actually the life forms on Mars. 

The answer as expected is 'no'. It is not a straight out 'no' but a one based on a list of highly improbable excuses. Who talks about healthy competition? Does it really exist. They say dog eat dog in the boardroom and corporate world. Well, we learn stuff in school and college. Thus, yeah, this is rat race tuning ground.

It's not that everyone is the same. I've met people who'd give their note book with a smile. But its the quirky ones that predominate. It's strange really, you have people who are so hypersensitive about lending their books that you have a stereotype attributed to them.

"Aww how come you asked her!" With a shake of head which implies great meaning.

Most students want to do well. And it seems some have interpreted a stepping stone to success as being short noting the others. The one who has the most study material may not laugh last nor the longest however.

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